Five Photos: Autumn

When I’m not shooting for a day or two I like to get out — even if it’s just around my home — and take some photos. I do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, getting outside and exercising is not only good for the body but for the soul. Secondly, I use the time to keep my skills sharp. I look at the same things I see every day and try and find a new way of looking at them through a lens. Here are five photos I took on a walk through the park just around the corner from me.

Up A TreeLooking up a tall maple tree in a small park in Barrhaven, ON.

Bridge One of many bridges spanning a small creek.

Dark LeavesI put the camera on the ground for this shot.

Golden BridgeI found it odd to see a bridge without handrails.

Red Maple LeafThe iconic red maple leaf. Canada.