Five Photos: Rural Quebec

I spent some time last autumn visiting with a friend of mine who lives in St. Blaise-sur-Richelieu, a small agricultural town about 45 minutes south of Montreal. It’s located quite close to the border with the United States. Within a ten minute drive you can drive through Quebec, New York State and Vermont. I decided to go for a leisurely drive to explore the area.

Here are five photos from that beautiful, crisp, fall morning.

Balancing the sunBalancing the sun. It appears as though the conveyor belt is balancing the sun. Noyan, Quebec.

GustoPizza and smoked meat with Gusto! Saint-George-de-Claranceville, Quebec.

SailSailboats sit in their slips on a beautiful autumn morning. Île-aux-Noix, Quebec.

RiseSunrise over farmland. Lacolle, Quebec.

BreakthroughThe sun breaking the horizon. Lacolle, Quebec.