Five Photos: Saskatchewan

While traveling through Western Canada shooting dance competitions I spent some time in Saskatoon. While not the prettiest time of year to enjoy Saskatoon (or many places in Canada for that matter), the highlight was the beautiful campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon has a very unique look and feel. From Saskatoon I was onto Calgary. Here a my five photos of Saskatchewan that stood out the most, including one explosive reason. Enjoy!

The Scientific House of Watches, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The beautiful University of Saskatchewan Campus, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Somewhere between Saskatoon and the Saskatchewan-Alberta border. Big sky, indeed.

Springtime on the banks of the Saskatchewan River in downtown Saskatoon.

On my first day in Saskatoon, someone decided to plant an explosion at the front doors of the Saskatoon Provincial Courthouse. 
Read about it here. An update can be found here.